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Del french phrases

Dels Top 10 Greatest French phrase of all time
A few years ago i was commissioned by the BBC to write a list of Dels Lingo, its still available on

Today i want to pick the top 10 French phrases.
Generally there are 4 ways to breakdown a Del french phrase

It will score on how wrong the use of it is
Also on it popularity – how often it is used
The hidden history of how Del may of come about the word (often you can only guess)
Finally the punch the word gives when being used will earn points

Top 10 French Phrases of Del Boy

Outside the top ten phrases included
Mais oui meaning no problem, my pleasure. Del keeps this one for the chicks.
Total French Phrase Score 23

Voila! Del’s French words to say it after T-cutting a square inch of the Capri Ghia, it’s a way of encouraging Rodney to finish the rest of the car off.
Total French Phrase Score 22

Au contraire – French for “hang on a minute”
Total French Phrase Score 21

Moi – French and classy way of saying “me”.
Total French Phrase Score 18

So we now have our top ten
There was nothing between the first three and therefore are all classed as joint 8th

8=. Au revoir
au revoir – French for “hello”.
wrong – 9
Popularity – 8
History – 5
Punch – 3
Total French Phrase Score 25

8=. Bonjour
bonjour – French for “goodbye!”
wrong – 9
Popularity – 8
History – 5
Punch – 3
Total French Phrase Score 25

8=. Mange tout
mange tout- my pleasure, variation to mais oui.
wrong – 7
Popularity – 7
History – 5
Punch – 6
Total French Phrase Score 25

7. Mon dieu!
Mon dieu!- exclamation implying, “you idiot”.
wrong – 6
Popularity – 7
History – 5
Punch – 8
Total French Phrase Score 26

6. Creme de la menthe
creme de la menthe – French for the “very best”
wrong – 8
Popularity – 7
History – 5
Punch – 7
Total French Phrase Score 27

Tomorrow we will see the second half of this list and reveal what we consider to be dles top French phrase. Of course this is a fans site so please let us know whether you agree/disgree and what your top 10 would be.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Uncle Albert Funniest Moments

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


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Free MARLENE autograph and picture

Support a great charity and get a Sue Holderness autographed photograph sent to you by mail
Sue’s (Marlene) son Freddie is running a marathon for the Whizz-Kidz charity ?
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For anyone who sponsors and pays, they will get a personally signed and dedicated Marlene 10×8 photograph sent in the mail

Sue Holderness Son in a Sponsor Charity Run
Freddy tells us

“I am Sue Holderness’s (Marlene) son and I’m running the London marathon on April 25th for a charity called Whizz-Kidz. If you think I could raise some money by putting it up on your website and promising anyone who donates to my page that they will get a signed photo of Marlene then that would be great.

The details are:
Marathon is on 25th April,

I’m not sure of my running number yet but I can get it to you as soon as I know if that will help

The charity is whizz-kidz which is a charity that focuses on giving disabled children the chance to be more independent, giving them wheel-chairs, advice, training etc. Anything they need to help them have an active and happy childhood both at home and at school. The website is www.whizz-kidz.org.uk for anyone who wants to find out more.

For donations the web page is www.justgiving.com/freddiepiper The page actually is for both me and my sister, Harriet, who is running the Blackpool marathon.

If there is any more information I can give please let me know.
Thanks you so much for your help,

So i’m sure Only Fools and Green Green Grass fans will be more than happy to help support this great charity event. Just visit www.justgiving.com/freddiepiper

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Who is John Sullivan

Early Years
So who is John Sullivan? Born in London in 1946 and grew up in the South London district of Balham. John Sullivan was an intellectually gifted boy who nonetheless wasn’t too interested in the academic side of things. At school he remembers an English teacher being the turning point of his English lessons. He recalls, “Mr Trowers made the books come alive.” Apperently the teacher gave character and voice to his readings. Certainly the strength of characters comes to the fore in John Sullivans Only Fools and Horses scripts. Always certain of his own creativity, he left school at 15 to focus on his ambition to be a professional writer.

John Sullivan - Writer of New Prequel

John Sullivan’s Breakthrough
After many years John had a breakthrough where he managed to get work as a scenery shifter and handyman in the props department at the BBC.
While at the BBc John managed to persuade Denis Main Wilson to allow himw to write a comedy scipt. Eventually Wilson agreed for John to go away and write a pilot episode. John took two weeks’ leave and went to his In-laws home in Crystal Palace where he wrote the first episode of Citizen Smith.
The next chapter in John Sullivans life was made during a meeting with Ray Butt. Sullivan had an idea for a comedy about a South London street trader, a wheeler-dealer. Ray Butt thought it was a great idea. A few weeks after his conversation with Ray Butt, John delivered a draft script to his office for a pilot that was called Readies. Ray Butt took the script to Head of Comedy, John Howard Davis, and within weeks a full series was given the green light. John then dropped the working title of Readies and replaced it with Only Fools and Horses, because he felt that it summed up the character of Derek Trotter, whose philosophy in life was reflected in the saying that “only fools and horses work”. The legendary sit-com was born.
Other scripts from John Sullivan include Just Good Friends. John also wrote a two part comedy drama set during the Second World War called Over Here. Late 1990s John wrote Roger, Roger. This was set around a mini-cab firm and Heartburn Hotel.
Due to the success of Only Fools and Horses, Spin-off series have also been in the making. Boycie & Marlene in The Green Green Grass and most recent “Rock n Chips”
What makes John Sullivan so respected is the quality from one man as ooposed to the American sitcoms that are written by big teams of writers, John Sullivan single-handedly wrote every single episode of Britain’s best-loved sitcom – Only Fools and Horses, now that is some acheivement and understandably he was recognised for this, with recent name change to John Sullivan OBE

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Classic Moments

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Series 6 is winning so far

Seriess 6 is winning so far, come on people lets get your friends and family on this site voting and talking about Only Fools and Horses, Comment me what you would like to see on this site, In the next few days we have an interview with John Sullivan about Rock and Chips, DONT MISS OUT